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Egypt's coastal city of Alexandria, which has survived invasions, fires, and earthquakes since Alexander the Great founded it more than 2,000 years ago, now faces a new threat in the form of climate change. In an effort to market the country's rich cultural heritage, Egypt unveiled a newly renovated 14th-century synagogue in Alexandria on Tuesday. The synagogue was completed after Egypt announced that a site of national importance would be declared a heritage site to be restored.

The first announcement spread like wildfire, filling the hearts of Egyptians with joy, as the University of Alexandria was one of the first authorities to support the revolution, setting a precedent. The importance of this new Greek city was soon underlined by Alexander the Great when the royal capital was moved from Memphis to Alexandria a few years after Alexander's death.

Alexandria acquired a typically European and Western style as more foreigners flocked to the country, owing to the privileges granted to Western interests in Egypt by the British occupation.

During the ancient world Alexandria was highly developed and soon developed into one of the largest cities in the Mediterranean. The Christian population in Egypt grew as persecution of Christians raged in most of the Roman world, resulting in 200 AD. The Egyptian quarter of this new city became the capital of Egypt and the port of India, which led from Clyma (today Suez) to the Nile, from where ships from the Mediterranean reached Alexandria on the Nile. Alexandria was the starting point for what already existed on these coasts and became the main port for trade between Egypt and India and for trade with the Middle East.

After Israel hit Sinai, Britain and France attacked the Suez Canal waterway and expanded their operations to Port Said, Alexandria, and Cairo. From Cairo to Alexandria, military officers were well aware of these events, and, unable to withstand further corruption, they formed various military groups in the city, including the Alexandria-based navy. It also played a prominent role in Napoleon's military operations, when the British expelled the French.

Egyptian cotton was in decline while the Nassar brothers built their business. The Egyptian government maintained a strong security presence, but sites in the interior were also at risk, including 2nd century AD catacombs and architectural styles inspired by ancient Egypt. Egypt's continued economic independence was ensured by the presence of industrial groups, most of them based in Alexandria, that belonged to France and Great Britain.

Cairo and Alexandria are only a few hours drive away from each other and arrive in time to enjoy an authentic Egyptian lunch in a local restaurant. Our trip began in the morning of the 13th day in San Antonio and returned to Cairo on the 14th day, after which we ended our stay in Alexandria. As an optional extension, we hoped Alexandria would be the perfect conclusion to our holiday in Egypt.

In Egypt, some concerts with jazz, rock and pop were organized, but we say that the best place to attend an Arabic live concert is in Alexandria. One of the usual bars, restaurants, discos and cafes frequented by Egyptian tourists from all over the world is the Alexandria Bar and Grill, a popular destination for tourists to find common bar, restaurant, discos, cafes, etc.

The events of the past weekend followed a small ceremony in January attended by President Abdel Fattah el-Sissi and Prime Minister Khaled El-Youssef. They have also received Jewish delegations repeatedly since taking office, and he has made them a priority for his administration in 2018.

In September, the annual Alexandria International Film Festival offers Egyptians the opportunity to see foreign films without censorship. The Congress Hall on the way to the library is the main venue for film screenings. It is one of the most famous Egyptian magazines published in English and it offers a comprehensive list of cultural and artistic events taking place throughout the country.

Many Nile cruise ships that sail from Luxor to Aswan (or vice versa) offer Tanoora dance shows as part of their itinerary. Many Nile cruise ships in Egypt offer a variety of cultural events such as music, dance, food and entertainment.

Sometimes they organize live music from classical and western music to entertain their guests. Some have casinos that are only open to non-Egyptians, such as the Nile River Casino in Aswan and the Luxor Casino in Cairo.

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