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The novel coronavirus pandemic COVID-19 continued to affect the Egyptian hotel market in the third quarter (Q3 2020), according to Colliers International, which reviewed MENA hotels during this period. The report shows that the market continued to be low in occupancy in the third quarter of 2020, resulting in a 14.5% decline in hotel occupancy compared to the second quarter of 2020. The ADF Sharm El Sheikh and Hurghada decreased by 14% and 1% respectively compared to the same period last year. The report noted that Egypt, the Middle East, North Africa and Central Asia had the highest number of hotels with a total occupancy rate of less than 50%.

Historical sites that are not to be missed include the Alexandria Museum and the Bibliotecha Alexandria. As for museums, you should visit the Egyptian National Museum, the Royal Palace of Alexandria and the Egyptian National Library.

Egypt desert tour, which includes a trip to some incredible sites, and Egypt, where the monastery of St. Anthony was developed. Experience the sacred sights of Egypt, explore the ancient city of Alexandria, the Great Pyramid of Giza and the Great Mosque of Cairo. Egypt's desert tours, such as the Egypt Desert Tour, can be considered a cheap way to get from Cairo to the most popular tourist destinations in the Middle East and North Africa. Experience some of the most famous temples, temples and monasteries in the world and experience the most sacred sights of Egypt.

The attractiveness of Upper Egypt will be revealed on the amazing Egypt Nile Cruises, which will offer a trip to the magical city of Luxor. The Nile Cruise will visit Egypt's most popular tourist destinations such as Alexandria, Giza and the Grand Mosque of Cairo, as well as the ancient city of Alexandria.

Saint Anthony the Father, a monk, was born to devout parents who left life at a young age. Anthony once lived in a cave and was one of the first to establish a monastic community in Coptic Egypt. He began his ascetic life after being born in Central Egypt in 250 AD and took the name of Saint Anthony of Alexandria, the "father of Egypt" or "father of all Egypt."

Today St. Anthony's is the largest monastery in Egypt and the Coptic Orthodox monastery was founded by the late Pope Cyril VI. Paul is known as the first hermit Paul of Thebes and he is one of the most famous monasteries in the world.

Cecil's is in an enviable location in Alexandria Harbour, a short walk from the ancient city of Alexandria and many of Egypt's most famous tourist attractions. Accommodation and luxury cruises on the Nile are the essence of tranquility, reflecting the royal life enjoyed by ancient Egyptians. The hotel's myriad services and amenities are complemented by magnificent views of the Mediterranean, the Nile and the Egyptian desert. Your great adventure and destiny is just a click away as you wait for your Nile cruise, which reveals the beauty and brilliance of ancient Egyptian civilization in a magnificent way.

Coptic sites in Cairo, Egypt, are worth a visit, you can find the Coptic Orthodox monasteries that are located at the intersection of Zafarana Road and Beni Suef Road in the southern part of Alexandria. These are on the other side of the ZAFARANA Road that leads to Beni Suef and you are in front of one of the most famous tourist attractions in Egypt, the Great Pyramid of Giza.

To avoid disappointment, you should check the site before your visit to avoid disappointment and make sure you also know the name of the monastery of St. Paul and St. Anthony in Alexandria, Egypt. In an interview with Reuters, monk Ruwais el-Anthony spoke about the holy Antony: "The monastery of Saint Paul is itself a living creature, a hermit, existing since the days of Egypt." Coptic monks and monasteries are the most important religious sites in Egypt and also the main tourist attractions of the city.

The first monastery is located about 200 miles southeast of Cairo and is one of the oldest monasteries in Egypt and the second oldest of its kind in the world. At first glance, you might think that St. Paul's is the most famous monastery in Alexandria, Egypt, with its beautiful architecture. The building was conserved by the American Research Center of Egypt from 1996 to 2009. To take full advantage of this historic location and the fantastic view of Egypt, it is also located on a hill, just a few kilometers from the city center.

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